Hosting Old Site at Dropbox

by wsampson

Old Student Site

Old Student Site

In the interest of recordkeeping, I’m hosting my old student website at Dropbox. Is there anything that program can’t do?

I liked  my old site. There was a good deal of typing involved, but it was a good site. Still: adding content was a bother. There’s no rolling screen for updates; the space just doesn’t exist. Nothing happens soon enough or quick enough for a space like that!

It’s very Web 1.0, as it were.

All the same, there’s something calm and simple about it. For example: the welcome message every time you load the page, a bit like BBS screens that displayed, a single ASCIII character at a time, each and every visit. I suppose this is because the event of visiting was significant enough to warrant its own screen.

That notion is gone; and such content is generally filed in the ‘About’ page. Well here’s my contribution to that time.

Walker Sampson at the School of Information